1988 PRS Vintage Yellow in for a inspection

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Custom Guitars keep coming in for inspections


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New Larrivee Owner

Marion bought a L03 Rosewood yesterday. He needed a wider fretboard and the L03R has a 1 3/4 nut width. Perfect for fingerstyle guitar. Put your hands on one and see for yourself.

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Hofner B-Bass Hi-Series in for a setup


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1984 Augustino Loprenzi Dreadnought in for a pickup install

We made a ugly side mounted preamp hole into a oval listening port and installed a active Fishman piezo system.


IMG_2368 IMG_2555 IMG_2556 IMG_2557 IMG_2558

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1956 Gibson Les Paul Custom Ebony

This came in today for an appraisal. How much do you think its worth???

IMG_5427 IMG_5425 IMG_5424 IMG_5430 IMG_5429 IMG_5428

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Schecter Damien Elite 8 string in for some mods

We removed the Active EMG’s and installed a set of Benson Custom Passive Pickups out of New York. Good move we think…

IMG_5417 IMG_5420 IMG_5416 IMG_5421 IMG_5415 IMG_5419

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Bridge Reattachment on Valenciana Classical Guitar

 Mid 50s classical guitar made in Mexico coming back to life. Honestly this is one the best Mexican classical guitars I’ve ever seen new or old.  

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