Month: April 2013

Takamine bridge repair

About to reattach the bridge on this puppy, this will make the guitar last another 75 years or so.

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Oh snap, Willie Nelson is 80 years old today

Go Willie, we love ya bro.

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1978 Fender Strat in for repair

We are going to make a video on this repair. Stay tuned for more updates…

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Late 60’s Vox Silver Sage 12 string

This old guitar comes with the original hardshell case and is going for $349.99. It has the original pick up system built into it. Very clean for its age.

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Used Epiphone P-bass for $99.99

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Used J.Reynolds jumbo ac/el bass for $119.99

It is setup and ready to play. Call is if you want it – 904-268-0338

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Ibanez Artcore Bass Transparent Brown

Just got through setting up this beautiful Ibanez bass, You don’t see a lot of these hollow body thumpers. This one is ready for stage.

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1993 Gibson ES-175 Ebony

Just setup this amazing guitar. The tone these babies throw out is just heaven. This guitar will influence you to play more for sure. It’s not for sale, just in for a tuneup. Studio bound it is…

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