Month: March 2014

1938 Vega Archtop Acoustic Guitar

Today’s new video is of a Vintage 1938 Vega Archtop Acoustic Guitar. New Videos coming every Monday and Thursday mornings on YouTube…Subscribe to see the latest videos…

1993 Mikhail Robert Custom Classical Guitar restring and detail

Mikhail Robert’s guitars are sought after and fetch a hefty $9000.00 these days. This guitar was superb and hard to compare against most manufactures. Made in Canada from a amazing Luthier. rosewood back and sides – Engelmann spruce top.

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Yamaha FG730S Rosewood Acoustic guitar

The cleanest Vintage Gibson J-45 we’ve ever seen

Wow, just wow…This guitar is in for a setup and NOT for sale. There’s zero checkering on this guitar. Stored in the original case in a closet for many years. We recommend that Gibsons stay in their case when they’re

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Man we get to see cool guitars

This is a Gibson Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Studio Goldtop…This beast is in for a complete setup….Love it…

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Had the pleasure of setting this Rickenbacker 360/12 up today

The color Mapleglo rocks…This is one of the first electric twelve strings made. George Harrison used it with The Beatles as well.

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Today’s new video of a 20th Anniversary Ibanez RG550 Road Flare Red Electric Guitar

New Videos coming every Monday and Thursday mornings on YouTube…

Just setup this Gibson Les Paul Traditional electric guitar

These are very well built guitars that sound and feel great… We installed TonePro’s hardware for the bridge system. The advantage to TonePro’s is the fact that when you change your strings the settings don’t change. The bridge and endpiece

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