Month: April 2014

Used Vox Tonelabs ST for $99.99

Super clean and ready to rock

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Gibson SJ-200 Standard in for a setup

Wow, just an amazing player…check out the flamed maple neck…very select woods on this beast…

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Just refurbed a 97′ Fender Fat Strat

Man this guitar was destroyed, I should have taken before and after pics.

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1998 Epiphone Les Paul Amber Birds Eye Maple


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Taylor 512 12 Fret’s with Tony Smotherman

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Taylor GS Mini in for a Setup

All mahogany…these are awesome little guitars…

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Did a restring of this ’52 Fender Tele reissue

I love butterscotch…this is a amazing machine…damn we’re lucky…

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Check out this rare 2004 Gibson L1 Robert Johnson acoustic guitar

We did a restring and inspection on this awesome little guitar.

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