Month: August 2014

2002 Fender Strat Tremelo block installed and setup with 10’s

We love 3 tone sunburst on Fenders. #strat #fenderguitars #sunburst #clapton #blackey

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Skervesen Raptor 6 string Custom Guitar

This guitar has a swamp ash body with a bubinga cap and a quilted AAA grade maple top. 5 Piece Wenge and Bubinga neck Birds eye maple fingerboard Stainless steel Frets Hipshot Locking tuners. Evertune Bridge system Gold hardware Glow

Restringing vintage guitars rock!!!

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Just rewired this Lonestar Strat

Doing mods on Strats are a cake job.

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Before and After

2000 Fender Mexi Strat in for a complete setup.

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1996 Fender Strat Relic in for a setup

Love the satin finish.

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1959 Gibson J-45 Slope shoulder dreadnought

“The Work Horse” This guitar is NOT for sale. We did a mechanical inspection on it.

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Late 70’s Electra X330 MPC Before & After Pics

This guitar has effect modules that are removable. Too cool. We did a complete setup & repaired the wiring on this guitar and is NOT for sale.

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