Month: March 2015

2009 Larrivee OM-03 in for a inspection and restring.

We changed the 9V battery on the L.R. Baggs Anthem pickup system we installed a few years ago and did a restring & detail. This is Larrivee week apparently.

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2005 Larrivee D-03E in for a Restring & Humidipak install

This guitar sounds amazing. Love the clear ultra-thin mylar pickguard as well. Get one if you can.

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Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Strat in for a neck reset

Factory scalloped fingerboard is the bomb.

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G&L S-500 Sonic Blue in for a setup

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James Hetfield SnakeByte in for a Setup

James Designed this guitar himself. Sweet all mahogany guitar. #LTD #ESP #Metallica

Ovation CC-24-5 Ac/El in for a Setup

#DWDrums #OvationGuitars

1966 Gibson ES-330TD in for a setup

Wow, what a killer guitar. These differ from the more famous 335 in several ways. There is no center block and is a full hollow thinline body, and they’re only p-90 pickups in them. The neck is also joined at

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Guitars United is now a Certified Taylor Warranty Repair Center

Here is a our first authorized warranty repair. A gorgeous Taylor T5 Koa that came all the way from Gainsville. We are proud to represent Taylor in servicing their guitars locally. If you need help with any Taylor guitar don’t

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