Month: September 2015

We love new Tech & Graph Tech proves it here.

Classical Guitarist Foot Stool

We had these custom made for Guitars United. They are sweeeeet. These are much better than the Chinese ones.          

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Just installed a new Expression Preamp in this Taylor 816CE


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Just installed a Fishman pro matrix infinity in this Larrivee SD-60-LH


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1987 Guild F212 Natural 12 String in for a restring & detail

Remember folks that nitro/vintage finish guitars can get stand damage easily, so we recommend to put them in a case to keep them like new.

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Ukulele’s are in the house

We got about 30 in today.                 

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Warwick Corvette Bass in for a setup

If your strap is held on with Gaffers/duck tape something is wrooooong. Bring it in, we can fix it right up for you.     

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