Month: December 2015

Epiphone SG Custom Prophecy in for a setup


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1992 Gibson Dove in for a setup


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Preserving a Martin D-28

Traveling in a hardshell case still doesn’t prevent neck cracks. #martinguitars #usa #luthier #patience     cracks

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No name Tele in for a setup


1973 Guild MK2 classical in for surgery

Restoring/Preserving is what we love to do. Now it will play again. #usa #vintage #rhoadeisland #prefender #luthier        

PRS SC58 in for a inspection

What a beast…Even the case was BA…not for sale..       

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Ibanez S770PB in for repair.

We installed all new Dimarzio pickups and setup the guitar to drop D. The top is Spalted Maple. #satch         

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Palir Tele Pink

 Swank custom guitar – not for sale           

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