Month: December 2016

2005 Fender Butterscotch Telecaster in for a setup.

Before: After:

Soon this Vintage Epiphone EC-100 Classical will be available for sale

Early 60’s – Made in the USA. We are reattaching the bridge securely. Available Jan 4th, 2017

2003 Fender Precision bass in for sale

I just got this bass in on trade and all it needs now is a new pickguard and I’ve got a vintage cream one on order, I have put on a new set of strings & setup the bass for

Warwick Thumb Bolt-on in for a electronics repair

Martin GPCPA5K in for a inspection

It needs a new piezo transducer.

Sterling by Musicman Sub Ray 5 bass in for a setup

Transparent blue satin

Ltd MH-1000 in for a setup

1999 Gibson SG Limited Edition in for setup