About Us

Guitars United started as a small retail store in Orlando, Florida in 1999. We quickly became known for the highest level of customer service, top quality instrument repairs and professional instrument setup. Joel Foreacre, the owner and Luthier, has repaired and setup thousands of instruments since 1995. This experience and knowledge sets him apart from other guitar retailers and Luthiers. He is able to assist his customers in buying/adjusting the instrument and accessories to fit their individual needs as a musician. We specialize in repairs & private lessons.

In October, 2002 Guitars United moved its retail location to Jacksonville, Florida, so that Joel could live closer to his parents, four brothers and sisters, and 8 nieces and nephews. The new location is located in the beautiful suburb of Mandarin that sits near the St. John’s River just about 15 miles South of Downtown. Guitars United quickly became very popular with local professional musicians, music teachers, Church youth and music directors, and children and adults alike who are just beginning to take up the guitar.

There were so many requests for guitar lessons, that Guitars United met this demand, by creating the best lesson studio facility in Jacksonville. Joel built 4 sound proof rooms in the store using acoustic sound proofing insulation, so that the instructors and students could have a truly private lesson without any disruption. Within months there were four professional instructors teaching a fully booked lesson schedule, and even a waiting list for lessons.

Guitars United has kept a pledge to never sell a instrument that has not been professionally setup for optimal sound quality and playability. Many musicians were not even aware that their instruments did not come from the factory ready to play, and that there were many things on the instrument that needed to be adjusted. Professional instrument setup is a valuable service that sets Guitars United apart from other stores. Please see our Repairs link for more details on instrument setup.

In addition to providing invaluable advice on the correct instrument and accessory purchase, and setting up and repairing instruments, Guitars United also provides valuable resources on its website. On GuitarsUnited.com one can find product videos, links to local bands, New and Used Guitars; and answers to many frequently asked questions about guitars.

Thanks to word of mouth among Orlando and Jacksonville locals and visitors, as well as the increasing popularity of Guitars United’s website & YouTube Channel; Guitars United is selling/repairing instruments and accessories to satisfied customers all over the United States.

Guitars United wants to thank all our customers for choosing them for their Instrument needs, and for promoting music.

Expect Service, Honesty, and Quality! In other words, we spoil you!

Joel Foreacre
Owner, Guitars United

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