Just setup this 1981 Ibanez AS-100 Artist Hollowbody

Installed new machine heads as well…notice the brass and bone nut, swank…





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3 comments on “Just setup this 1981 Ibanez AS-100 Artist Hollowbody
  1. Ben says:

    Hey there I’m guessing I’m a year late
    But if any as100 or as 200
    Ibanez 81 82 or 83 turn up
    Please contact me ASAP
    Melbourne AUST

  2. Ray Magri says:

    Hi Ben, I have an AS200 model J815327 yes that’s Jan 1981.
    I live in Boambee East Coffs Harbour NSW. I’m in the yellow book

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ray Magri…..Indeed the ‘J’ in your serial number indicates the month it was made. Not January as you suggest but in fact October 1981. January would have been ‘A’. Ben’s guitar is a I (eye) so that would be September. For more info on Ibanez serial numbers please check with the Ibanez Collectors World Forum. Lots of knowledge and info there on both your guitars. 🙂

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