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Vintage Rickenbacker 4001 Bass in for a setupĀ 


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The cleanest Vintage Gibson J-45 we’ve ever seen

Wow, just wow…This guitar is in for a setup and NOT for sale. There’s zero checkering on this guitar. Stored in the original case in a closet for many years. We recommend that Gibsons stay in their case when they’re

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Had the pleasure of setting this Rickenbacker 360/12 up today

The color Mapleglo rocks…This is one of the first electric twelve strings made. George Harrison used it with The Beatles as well.

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Just setup this Rickenbacker 360

Made in the USA baby…This guitar was trashed when we got it…Not anymore…

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More books for Ukulele

In stock…

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Today we setup a Rickenbacker

This is a swank classic

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