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1959 Gibson Melody Maker

Just cool…




3 thoughts on “1959 Gibson Melody Maker

  1. What is the price on the 59 Melody Maker. Thanks Jack

  2. That was a repair Jack, Sorry

  3. Do you buy guitars? I have a 1961 Gibson Melody Maker Sunburst Serial No. 223 my Dad bought new. When I received it after his passing it was in pretty bad shape. He moved the pickup under neck why I don’t know. I put it back where it belonged with wood and bondo, the parts I had to buy for it was all new parts Kluson 3X3 Plate Tuners,Custom trust rod,Gibson repro Pickguard, pickup screws,Gibson Melody Maker Vintage repro wiring harness, Gibson top hat volune & tone knobs,Gibson Style wrap-around post bridge,Chrome strap buttons and then I sanded a little and clear coated it. Don’t really want to get rid of it but might have to Let me know how much and then we can talk I can show you pics from start to finish. Thanks Jack Only parts not replaced were pickup and bone nut. It needs to have the wiring hooked up. You can call me 931-232-2090

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